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While I love the games, so much is left to the imagination— sometimes to a fault.

Unless you’re actively shaping the narrative using your own creativity, Link can appear ambivalent.

Oh yeah, and the series was also inspired by Tom Cruise’s portrayal of a fairy-man in Ridley Scott’s 1985 film Legend. Artists have taken it upon themselves to draw up fan comics about the series.

These comics run the gamut from love letters to parodies to a variety of fan material. Silent protagonists have long been a staple of video games from the start, in the tradition of Mario, Gordon Freeman, Crono, and Red from the original Pokémon game boy games.

Here Mipha gets her hopes up after learning that Link likes to eat fish.

She doesn’t quite know what to make of it, but the scariest assumption is that Link is going to devour her like the Wild Salmon he catches on the go.

Leave it to smartphone-crazed Japan to find a creative way of including smartphones in a Legend of Zelda game, a fantasy world notably lacking in electronics. So Link snaps a photo of a pretty sunrise now and then, no big deal.

The title Breath of the Wild is a marketing technique to convey the game’s open world, but it’s an appropriate title for other reasons.Some of which has left my screen in need of a good lathering of soap. Your heart containers are going to be replenished once you get a dose of this sweetness. Silent protagonists were perfect for game developers who couldn’t spend too many resources on script dialogue for their main character so they relied on the player’s— gasp— imagination.In this article, we’ve assembled some of more sweet and romantic Legend of Zelda fan comics. We have to pretend Link is speaking up for himself… This comic assumes that he’s as soft-spoken for the other characters as he is for the player.Although I am glad that the phone elements are slightly muted compared to other fantasy games including cell phones. In every Zelda game, there are a ton of women who are throwing themselves at him— but he doesn’t seem much interested. Link is simply such a wholesome and pure fairy boy that his first love is cats.Well, I guess he shares that love with, um, everybody else on the internet.

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