Youth dating and violence

When parents do not take an active role in their teen's life, teens go out of control.

They make friends with the wrong people, they don't strive to do their best in school and they stop caring about their future.

As child abuse is seen as a cycle, children of abuse can become the aggressors.

This aggressive behavior often starts in their teens.

In order for parents to prevent violence in their teen's life, they need to understand what the causes are for violent youth behavior.Violence is defined by the American Psychological Association as an extreme form of aggression.Examples of youth violence in today's society include date rape, homicides, school shootings and fighting.This could be juvenile delinquent behaviors, risk taking behaviors like drinking alcohol or taking drugs or being part of a social group were being aggressive is part of the norm - being part of the football team would be an example of that.Teen drug abuse and addiction can lead to violent behavior.

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