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She wasn't, but she didn't like the broom no matter what company attended her on it.Still the friendly almost goofy look he'd had on earlier had disappeared to be replaced by a much more familiar dark scowl."Why aren't you wearing my cloak?The smoke around his motives remained as foggy as ever.

He swept a wide turn, tilting the broom and her hands flung out without her consent to dig into his forearms to feel more stable, leaning back hard against him for balance.

Hermione wasn't sure why she was surprised that Draco would still be able to irk and irritate her.

Just because she had grown to appreciate his humor and complexity and downright sexiness did not mean the boy wasn't still Draco Malfoy and all that entailed.

She knew better than to think those mushy thoughts, even as she snuggled into his embrace and soaked up his presence. She had decided to just relax and enjoy the time she had with him.

He was a smooth flyer and didn't jar her too much and she closed her eyes and thought about how much dating Draco Malfoy was like a roller coaster.

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Rather than shout back or turn and upset her balance she just nodded firmly and he began their decent.

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