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'I had given birth two days before, so was thinking: "Oh my God, how am I going to give this back to someone?" Turning 40 is hard for women, but I was fine in the end.' Much has been made of Cougar Town's title, which makes reference to women of a certain age whose intent it is to pursue much younger men.On the other hand, I couldn't even count the people I've met off Grindr.The difference is (well, supposed to be), Tinder is meant for dating and getting to know someone.When you log on to Grindr, you have minimum of 50 horny thumbnails waiting to literally do just about anything you could think of. You have to take the time to get to know someone, set up a date when you're both free and then actually go on the date.

But here I am, hunched over my phone rolling my eyes at Bandit, who at 14 visits won't ever leave me alone. He's always on my screen, shaking his X-shaped butthole adorably in my face. He's so cold and withholding, appearing when I'm not there and leaving me a paltry two silver fish when he goes.

Whereas Grindr is meant for getting to know someone for an hour or so (depending on your availability). Well, in person, you have to actually use a little more effort. You're just a lazy bastard who doesn't want to put in the effort.

I'm just going to go ahead and say it: Grindr has RUINED dating. Hell, you might actually have to ask me personal questions. Also, on Grindr, sending a dick pic or an ass pic has become pretty norm.

I don't need to have a formal conversation with these cats about "where it's going." I mean, I could, but that wouldn't be a sane thing to do.

You would think dating would be easy because there are thousands of queer guys all around me. We live in a technology-driven world now, which is often amazing. There are dating apps such as Tinder, Surge, Ok Cupid and so many more.

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