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What’s funny is that when a woman is mad at her ex she seems to tell the world that she used to play with their asshole either to embarrass them by revealing their sexual life, or to suggest that their ex was gay. When Joc commented under a post about the new couple, Karlie clapped back claim that she’d played with his asshole, and telling him to worry about his lakefront…..

Karlie Redd and her ex Joc have been going at it since they broke up, and Karlie is now “dating” Black Ink’s Ceasar.

What do you think about Karlie Redd and Yung Joc as a couple?

Twitter has absolutely gone to town this morning on the rapper’s new haircut, comparing his fresh side-part to the Popeye’s spokesperson, Apu from “The Simpsons” and even Sponge Bob Square Pants on his way to the prom.

As of today he is thick of things of the rap world, looks forward for new releases.

House owns by Yung Joc As Yung Joc’s stature grew, the need for a bigger house grew as well.

After the success of ‘Going Down’, offers poured in and he signed a multi-million dollar contract with Bad Boy Records and the album New Joc City was produced.

The album was a sell-out in the first week itself with 150,000 copies getting sold.

I think the big homie Yung Joc would bring an interesting dynamic to the turnt up cast of characters.

Though not that he minds it, his house has a special place, a music room which is a mini studio with different musical instruments, and DVD players where he lives out his dream creating amazing remix music.

Car he own Celebrities and cars go hand-in-hand, and if you add rapper celebrities to it you can add dream cars to that.

But, I don’t play no games on no gay sh-t and all of that sucker sh-t.

If that’s where your mind wanted to go so what it’s all in fun and laughs.

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