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These individuals are synonymous with these names and will always remember their playing days and the monikers we used to make them legends of the lingo. Gordon earned his nickname when he burst on to the scene in 1989 at the age of 21, when he went 17-9 in his first full season in the majors.

Hardaway was a four-time NBA All-Star, two-time NBA first team selection and NBA All-Rookie first team selection (1994).

Smith spent 11 years in the NBA with the Sacramento Kings (1987–1990), Atlanta Hawks (1990), Houston Rockets (1990–1996), Detroit Pistons (1996), Orlando Magic (1996–1997) and Denver Nuggets (1997).

He was a two-time NBA Champion (1994, 1995) and member of the 1988 NBA All-Rookie Team.

However, his nickname doesn't rank very highly on a list of originality and creativity. " The nickname is cool because it's edgy and impressive, but then when you find out he's a boxer, it just seems kind of lame.

As if the Venezuelan pitcher needs any more names, Garcés' tongue-in-cheek nickname is a poke at his stature, and friends and teammates commonly refer to him by his moniker. In the realm of all-time nicknames, it is definitely sweet, but it hits the countdown towards the back, because there isn't much back story here, and he's not actually a hitman.

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