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Then Marissa, surprise of surprises, won the final HOH. That really sucks because Ross played a much better game. Marissa and Ari said that Mark must have made a deal with Omarosa.I'll try to actually watch the two hour show tomorrow. Ari tells Marissa that Omarosa is going to come after one of them. They all play the Twitter game, where they ask questions from people on Twitter.Brandi learned that she is not very strategic, and that she is softer than she lets people know. James says this is the best day he's had in the house, and he couldn't stand her. It's a tie between James and Omarosa with 6 points each. Then we have a segment where the guys try to come up with an alliance name. Meanwhile, Ari notices that Ross was in the kitchen talking with Mark. James got to the end, when he flipped and had to start again. Time for the live veto competition (well, live yesterday). Everyone is happy for Metta, and happy he got the cheer. As he said, he built a bond with everyone in the house.Godo bye messages: Ari tells Brandi that her heart is with her, and Brandi is her best friend. Brandi says that her good bye message to James was much worse. They were shown pictures today, and it will be part of the competition. They will be asked a series of questions and have to answer true or false. The one with the most points after 7 questions wins HOH Ari gets the first one wrong. Omarosa is the only one to get the fourth question right. Question, in the award squeezing competition, how long in seconds was it from the beginning until Shannon won. They have to race down the walk, grab puzzle pieces, and successfully complete the puzzle. He says that it has been very difficult to be away from his family. Metta is out, but has to wait until after the commercial break. There are only six more days to go, but he couldn't take being away from his family.It's a double eviction night, and the first to go will more than likely be Brandi since she's up against Marissa. The celebrities have been in the house for 24 days. Marissa tells Ross that Ari is the smartest in the house, and that Ari noticed that Mark and James made a deal with Omarosa. First is somoene asking Ari about Steve Harvey, who called her country over the real winner of Miss Universe.This double eviction episode will be two hours long. I guess that it has to take two hours because they have to show us the POV, which already happened, and was won by Ari. Brandi thinks James is pulling the strings, and that he is making a stupid move. Julie said James was a competition beast and was loyal. James thought his final four has a better chance to go forward. James gets to the end first, but he won't hit the button because he wants to give it to Mark. Omarosa manages to figure out that James is throwing the HOH to Mark. Brandi pretends to be a Twitter user who asks if James made a deal with Omarosa and Mark.Omarosa is happy that she's not on the block, and she refers to Brandi as the wicked witch. I'm sad because I really grew to like James James says it's depressing, and he gets that it's only a game. Omarosa says that Mark was the only one who didn't know. It seems that Brandi told some lies about James, and that made Ari think that James said things he didn't say. As James said, Brandi has been rude to him from day one. James is interested in a deal with Mark, Ross, and Marissa.

Ross won the final 5 HOH, and he nominated Ari and Omarosa. He didn't change the nominations, so Omarosa went out. Of those two, I would definitely vote for Ross because he worked to most in the game. I couldn't believe that anyone would vote for Marissa, but she wound up winning. After talking with Omarosa, Mark came down and told Ari and Mrissa that he might go on the block.

Julie did let us know that a double eviction is coming up because Sunday is the last day. Sunday is the two hour finale, with three celebrities evicted. The contestants were sitting, and they were lifted into the air and tilted. Brandi whispered to Ari that she voted against Mark, and Ari isn't sure if she can trust Brandi anymore. Metta says that he felt like he was in a basketball game.

He wants to take his shoes off because the foot stand is too small for his feet.

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