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It tells how to know you're pregnant and how to maintain infertility during breast feeding, as well as how to tell when you become fertile again.Finally, it explains how to chart all the way through menopause.Marks covers everything from children to contraception, from conflict to the Couple to Couple League.Good News About Sex and Marriage: Honest Questions and Answers About Catholic Teaching - Christopher West A great job of surveying the questions about sexual morality and the meaning of marriage.Also contains thought provoking questions for the couple to ponder how they are going to grow in marriage and as persons.Reminds couples that they are planning for a marriage, not just a wedding.This can become An Aesop if said Charlie Somebody is in a traditionally male-oriented profession; for instance, the episode where J. immediately dismisses female mechanics, before handing his car over to "Sam", who is apparently the best mechanic in town.

Sex and the Marriage Covenant: A Basis For Morality - John F. Discusses the meaning of sex in marriage and church teaching on contraceptives from every conceivable angle: scriptural covenant theology, the Magisterium, and from scripture directly. Kippley A textbook for the Couple to Couple League International NFP course.CCL Home Study Course for Natural Family Planning: Self-Contained Course - John & Sheila Kippley Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing: How Natural Mothering Spaces Babies - Sheila Kippley From years of experience, and through many additional years of scientific research, this books documents information pertinent to the effectiveness of child spacing through "ecological breastfeeding" or "natural mothering".This excellent book also touches on other aspects including night feeding, weaning and parenting among many other pages of invaluable information for new mothers.Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage - Kimberly Hahn A six-part, 12-session study aimed at married couples wanting to discover the wisdom that the Bible has to offer for understanding the Sacrament of Marriage.Great for prayer and study groups, it will be a catalyst for fruitful discussion of the attributes of a godly marriage. Life-Giving Love : Embracing God's Beautiful Design for Marriage - Kimberly Hahn (with Scott Hahn) Kimberly Hahn uses real-life stories to make a beautifully clear and gentle presentation of the Catholic Church's teaching on marriage and family, including sexuality, family planning and even topics like infertility and adoption. First Comes Love: Finding Your Family in the Church and the Trinity - Scott Hahn) A view of marriage based on the Holy Trinity, where the family helps us to understand the relations of the three persons of God, and the love of God becomes a model for marriages and families. Kippley (click to go to description above) A Catholic Handbook For Engaged and Newly Married Couples - Dr. Marks, III Perhaps the most recommended book for marriage preparation after Kippley's book above, Dr.

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