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Ann's slip-up regarding India's gender came about while the housemates were sat round in the living area discussing how they were given their name by their parents and India had joked that she was 'named after her mother's favourite takeaway - Indian.' As the housemates quizzed her, Ann remarked: 'I think he is pulling your leg.'India was quick to correct her, as she hit back: 'He! ,' prompting Ann to quickly apologise, as she said: 'Oh I beg your pardon.'Her mistake didn't go unnoticed by viewers at home, as they rushed to Twitter to criticise Ann, with many claiming the former MP had mis-gendered India 'on purpose'. There is no man in the room and if India hasn't told everyone she was trans* would Ann have made the comment? Really bugging me.'After Ann's constant moaning since the second she walked in & miss-gendering India (which personally I think was on purpose, you can't mistake 'he' when there's no men in the house) I can't see how people can favour her and call her a legend.'Cannot believe Ann called India a he.

Declaring that it's her 'big name drop' the girls started demonstrating twerking, actually impressing Ann.

Malika caught Ann applauding, saying 'you even got a clap out of Ann there!

' Viewers of the show had previously slammed her for being 'rude' and branded Ann's mis-gendering as 'absolutely awful'. 'The fact that Ann keeps calling India "he" is so rude!!

' Ann agreed.'But I think you’re bang on, I'm going to give you a hug,' India said, walking over to Ann and embracing her.

'Even if some think you're a stuffy stick in the mud.'Ann was far from a stick in the mud in another clip, that saw some of the women in the kitchen twerking.

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