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He was also proficient enough on the piano and the violin to be able to supplement his income by giving lessons on those instruments as well as in singing. 2 April 1769) lived only six days; their second, also called Ludwig and the subject of this narrative, was baptized on 17 December 1770. Both brothers were to play important parts in Beethoven’s life.

He plays the piano very skilfully and with power, reads at sight very well, and I need say no more than that the chief piece he plays is Das wohltemperirte Clavier of Sebastian Bach, which Herr Neefe put into his hands …This youthful genius is deserving of help to enable him to travel.He would surely become a second Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart if he were to continue as he has begun.It is clear that at a very early age he received instruction from his father on the piano and the violin.Tradition adds that the child, made to stand at the keyboard, was often in tears.

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