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Myles Munroe is an internationally acclaimed teacher and conference speaker with several best-selling books to his credit. Munroe offers a balanced, biblical view for every believer who wants a prosperous and fulfilling marriage relationship. The principles in this book will guide you through what for some is the most confusing time of your life.Author: Dr Myles Munroe was a teacher, International Speaker, Consultant to Governments and President of the Bahamas Faith Ministries.The secret to successful relationships and marriage are hidden in these top 10 marriage books.Go through them, save, revive and re-ignite your relationships and marriage for your sake and children’s too.For me, Marriage was one of the areas I never wanted to make any mistake so I prayed and learnt all I could about it and I still keep learning.Since when I began to think of the issue of relationships and marriage, I wanted to learn all I could, I wanted to get all knowledge about marriage, interpersonal relationship and human psychology.This led me to read a couple of books on marriage and attend many seminars.

It is alsoworhty of note that “Scientific studies have revealed that financial trouble is the second leading cause of divorce, after sexual problems.” One clear point also made here was that “God will never choose our mate for us, but if we ask Him, He will reveal when the timing is right to marry the person we have chosen” That was a general overview.

This is a name I came up with for people attending and teaching at Oral Roberts University in the 70s.

Even back then I had come to realize that their way of representing Christianity was not in line with the Scriptures.

Chapter 6: Engagement : Redeeming the Time; here the author explains succinctly that engagement is the hardcore planning, where a couple gets down to the main work of preparing for life after wedding, in this season they should have well laid spiritual foundation, economic stability, sexual standards, educational goals, parenting philosophies.

The also noted a very vital point here: “The fact that a couple is getting married does not justify or excuse premature and improper sexual behavior” this is because “by successfully handling sexual temptation, a couple proves their maturity, integrity, faithfulness and self-control.

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In Waiting and Dating, you will learn: The importance of sharing your faith in God. The importance of true friendship in a relationship.

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