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An application File Dialog called mso File Dialog Folder Picker is used to display a dialog box to enable the user to select the folder they want to use.

The action this macro performs is to write the number 60 into cell A1 of the second sheet in each workbook.

Reason to do like this is, maybe theres not only one programs or add-ins are running in the same time.

The first one shows 'false', but the second shows 'true'.

This effect is only visible in the Excel window (i.e.

These have included turning off hardware acceleration, turning off page break display, setting the default printer to One Drive, turning off Excel animations, and turning off 3D graphics acceleration. but this problem occurs with any Excel file, including new blank workbooks (as previously mentioned).

Edit (additional information): The flashing effect is actually the spreadsheet (including lines of the cells and content, and column/row labels) disappearing momentarily, then reappearing.

The small plus sign (add sheet button) also disappears.

This statement should be replaced with the statements that you need your macro in Excel to run.I'd like a way to force the new workbook and its window to display before I do processing on it.Is there such a way to make sure that it can get shown in the middle of a function call?I am trying to see how I can force a newly created workbook/window in Excel 2013 to display before changes are made to it.If you look at the sample code below, the new window/workbook will not be shown until the function is completed, even though I have set screen updating to true after creating the workbook.

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Starting today, when I open any Excel file (including a new blank workbook), the program is displaying a visual effect of a white flash or flicker, which repeats at irregular intervals but is usually no longer than 8-10 seconds between flashes. I've searched online and found a number of suggestions, none of which have helped.

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