Validating identity wireless xp wpa2

Just bring the wireless router with its power supply. For Windows 7 or Windows Vista, go to "Search programs and files" box. If you see the wireless network connection icon is disabled in the Network Connections Window, you may double click on it to enable the connection.

Maybe the signal can be detected in a shorter distance with the computer. Should it is still disabled an no way to be enabled, you may have a Anti Virus software (for example, Kaspersky, Zone Alarm, Trend Micro Internet Security...etc) installed in your computer and it disabled the wireless connection. If you prefer not to uninstall the antivirus software, you may check the properties of the Wireless Network Connection.

You may temporarily move your wireless router to a closer location with the computer.

It is OK to temporarily disconnect the wireless router with the internet modem.

To verify the wireless network connection status, please go to the Network Connection Window. You may completely remove the antivirus software from your computer and restart the computer. You may find an extra service from your Antivirus software installed and usually it is a check box with something called NDIS Filter.

The table below is a summary of the different modes available.

Let it search updated driver from Internet and load the driver automatically. For Windows 7 or Windows Vista, go to "Search programs and files" enter "ncpa.cpl". Please note that Windows XP computers need Service Pack 3 in order to connect to a WPA2 enabled wireless network.

After the wireless driver is installed, you can use the Windows built-in wireless configuration to connect to the wireless network. The wireless adapter should detect the signal from the wireless router no matter what kind of wireless encryption (WEP, WPA TKIP, WPA2 AES) of the wireless network as long as the signal is transmitted in the 2.4GHz band.

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Then log into the router's configuration page to make sure the 2.4GHz is enabled. Make sure the SSID broadcast of your wireless router is enabled.

You can verify that in the router's configuration page also. Go into Device Manager in the Windows's Control Panel - System (or by right click on "My Computer" and go to Properties).

Please check your notes that you may write down while you setup your wireless router. Should you have trouble finding the security key, please contact the manufacturer of your wireless router.

Some wireless routers may have setup the security for you and you may find a secuirty key sticker on the side of your wireless router. They can assist you find the wireless security network key that you setup in the wireless router.

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Make sure the wireless adapter is listed under Network Adapters category in Device Manager. If your wireless adapter uses detatchable external antenna, you may detatch the antenna from the wireless adapter.

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