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We use Sparkle for updates for the Mac platform, as I mentioned. So I’m gonna just go over some of the security framework of the i Phone, and first of all I’m gonna talk about the basic software architecture of the device.An interesting lead: There’s a 180 very active users from Apple who update their Quick Pwn and Pwnage tool on a regular basis, so I think they like our software, which is pretty cool. (big applause) I’ll just introduce my colleagues here. As Apple advertised the i Phone OS architecture is basically Mac OS X. I’ve yet to write up my full i Phone experience, but here’s a early sneak peek.I was working to get my i Phone connected to my home Wifi network.We’ve got a wide membership: Germany, Belgium, France, Russia, Hungary, USA, Israel. We’ve had 3.6 million Sparkle updates since we last deleted our logs, which was in the 16th of July.And during those initial few months of the i Phone first generation DHL and Fed Ex shipped around a lot of US phones to us. We try to release patches when Apple releases an i Phone update. (applause) So without further ado, I’ll hand you over to planetbeing who’s gonna talk a bit about the applications processor side of the i Phone. It’s only related to the baseband unlock, because the i Phone has two ARM processors and the baseband modem has one of them and the application processor has the other one, and they’re only loosely connected. My portion of the talk will be focusing on the application processor.NET Framework is required before installation can continue. NET Framework is an application development platform that makes it easier for software developers to create a range of Windows applications and services. Windows Server, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 all come with a version of . Other software could actually be intuitive enough to offer to download and install the missing version of . Essentially it makes coding programs faster and less troublesome. NET application also runs inside its own virtual machine which is helpful from a security standpoint. NET is it’s a sizable download and when installed can take up several hundred Megabytes of hard drive space.

I do that because I’m a linux geek and I like to have absolute control of my router. We decided to use this method and create a little tool which does the plain and simple task of telling you which versions of . The tool couldn’t be simpler to use, just run the executable and it will tell you which . A link to download each version’s Software Development kit (SDK) is also provided. The log box at the bottom shows which versions and related update patches are present, including 32bit/64bit, and the relevant folder locations. NET are installed on which operating systems as standard. NET Version Detector detects versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 4.6 of the . NET package is installed, its information should be correctly entered in the registry. Raymondcc created and hosts these files so we know every line of code and can assure you the detections are false positives.3. NET Version Detector This program is a small and lightweight portable tool that gives information on all the different versions of . If the system does not have a specific version installed, there are handy button links provided to give you access to the related Microsoft webpage page so you can easily download it. Clicking the logo next to it will navigate to its install directory.If you look at a disassembly of the kernel, you can see that it’s basically XNU, which is the kernel for the Mac OS, it’s basically XNU code compiled for ARM.A lot of the userland architecture is also the same.

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