Updating the mac system

Potential side effects of System-level cache cleaning are discussed in our "Side effects of System cache cleaning" FAQ.

Accordingly, cache cleaning can be an important troubleshooting step, such as when used in our "Resolving Disk, Permission, and Cache Corruption" FAQ, but it is not regular maintenance.

If you have changed the information inside a NFO File for an existing title in the library, this section will not update the library with those changes.The Event Log will record any files missed when an Update Library is performed.If the log is currently empty, or lists no missing movies, TV Shows or episodes, then perform an Update Library and check the Event Log again.The following methods are available to scan folders and locate new titles to add to the Library.They can be performed on the entire library, a particular Source, or an individual title.

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Mac OS X would also attempt to correct the prebinding for applications that were not prebound.

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