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yum -y install yum-plugin-fastestmirror Cent OS 7 System updated and all packages upgraded to latest versions.In this tutorial, we will use Cent OS 7.3 with default kernel 3.10.It is easy to make a backup of the current kernel configuration: The string (NEW) at the end of the line marks this option as new. If all new configuration options should be set to their recommended (i.e.Left to the string in square brackets are the possible answers: Yes, no, module or ? default) values use For this step, follow the steps in the manual configuration article.You can check all of the available repositories on the system (enabled as well as disabled) with the following command.yum repolist all At step 4, we've already installed a new kernel 4.11.2 to the system.It is wise to make a backup of the kernel configuration so that the previous configurations are not lost. Unfortunately doesn't show a lot more information for each option, such as the context, so it is sometimes difficult to give the right answer.After all, many users devote considerable time to figure out the best configuration for the system, and losing that information is definitely not wanted. In this case the best way to go is to remember the option name and revise it afterwards through one of the graphical kernel configuration tools.

A new kernel may have had options or features added or removed since the old kernel.

Installing new kernel sources doesn't provide the user with a new kernel.

It is necessary to make and install a new kernel from the new sources and then reboot the system to actually run the new kernel.

ELRepo is focused on the packages related to hardware, including filesystem drivers, graphic drivers, network drivers, sound card drivers, webcam, and others.

The first thing we must do before upgrading the kernel is to upgrade all packages to the latest version.

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