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If you're running an AMD machine or something without SSE3 it gets a little more involved.If you purchase (or already own) a version of Leopard then this is a gray area since the Leopard EULA states you may only run it on an "Apple Labeled" machine.From today is available the PPF patch for update the dvd v1.5 to version v1.5.1.The patch corrects all the famous problems presents in i Deneb v1.5, like the problem with Chameleon v1.0.12 or the block of the AHCI.For now is available only the PPF patch to apply to ISO files of i Deneb v1.5, soon will be available the dvd complete, with also included the new updates of Safari ed i Tunes.The patch is downloadable from Download Area of the site, and is required an account for download.

* If you have a restart when you try to boot the dvd, you boot with flag at the F8 boot prompt: cpus=1; * Do Not Install the i Deneb Base System over an existing Base System! To always execute a fresh install; * If you been for do an upgrade system, deselect of principal system; * You can boot the dvd also with the kernel, Qoopz 9.7.0 with flag 970, Kernel An V 9.6.0 with the flag anv and Kernel To H 9.2.0 with the flag mach_toh; * Do Not Select more than one a drivers of the same type!Answers that don't include explanations may be removed.The first route requires modifying (or using a pre-modified) image of Leopard that can be installed on a regular PC.There are other guides that show you how to install using the official Apple Mac OS X Leopard disks, but this guide is not related. After Disk Utility has finished erasing your drive, exit the Disk Utility. Now click “Next” and select your newly erased hard drive as the destination. With that said, let’s turn your 110 into an ultra-portable hackintosh! Under Volume Format, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) 6. Keyboard: Tab, Tab, and Space to “click” the “Next” buton. On the next screen, you will see an option at the bottom that reads “Customize”. (On the keyboard: first, click the drive, then click somewhere else so that it is highlighted in grey. In the Customize screen, apply the following patches: a) Expand “Fix” and select: ACPI, CPU, and Firewire Removal b) Under “Patch”, expand “Chipset” and select ICHx Fix 11. Feel free to add any application that are included with the installer. Now, type in whatever password you’d like, twice; pressing Enter after each time.

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