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To circumvent this issue, use the following trick to solve the problem: On the server, stop the NTP service and use the ntpdate client utility to manually force time synchronization with an external peer using the 8.After the time has been accurately synchronized, start the NTP daemon on the server and verify from the client side if the service is ready to serve time for local clients by issuing the following command: By now, NTP server should work as expected. As we saw in our previous tutorial, Samba4 Active Directory can be managed from command line using samba-tool utility interface which can be accessed directly from server’s VTY console or remotely connected through SSH.The process of joining Windows 10 or older versions of Microsoft OS into Samba4 AD DC is very simple.

The list of NTP servers can be obtained by visiting official NTP Pool Project webpage When finished, save and close the NTP configuration file and grant NTP service with the proper permissions in order to read the ntp_signed directory.

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Open Control panel - Here, is the IP Address of Samba4 AD Domain Controller responsible for DNS resolution. Member of Domain, write your domain name, hit OK, enter your domain administrative account credentials and hit OK again.

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