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['Bob', new Date(2007,5,1)], // More typically this would be done using a ['Alice', new Date(2006,7,16)], // formatter.['Frank', new Date(2007,11,28)], ['Floyd', new Date(2005,3,13)], ['Fritz', new Date(2011,6,1)] ]); // ------- Version 2------------ // Add empty rows, then populate // ----------------------------- var data = new google.visualization.Data Table(); // Add columns Column('string', 'Employee Name'); Column('date', 'Start Date'); // Add empty rows Rows(6); Cell(0, 0, 'Mike'); Cell(0, 1, ); Cell(1, 0, 'Bob'); Cell(1, 1, new Date(2007, 5, 1)); Cell(2, 0, 'Alice'); Cell(2, 1, new Date(2006, 7, 16)); Cell(3, 0, 'Frank'); Cell(3, 1, new Date(2007, 11, 28)); Cell(4, 0, 'Floyd'); Cell(4, 1, new Date(2005, 3, 13)); Cell(5, 0, 'Fritz'); Cell(5, 1, new Date(2007, 9, 2));var data = google.visualization.array To Data Table([ ['Employee Name', 'Salary'], ['Mike', ], // Format as "22,500".['Bob', 35000], ['Alice', 44000], ['Frank', 27000], ['Floyd', 92000], ['Fritz', 18500] ], false); // 'false' means that the first row contains labels, not data.You can use the Move First and Move Next to cicle over the records. Edit and assign the new values to the fields changed and update the record using the rs. Update Hope this helps Private Sub Button3_Click(By Val sender As System.

Rows([ ['Mike', ], // Example of specifying actual and formatted values.This is the page: About 10 times a week I see someone on here or somewhere else who have multiple forms on a single page and every time they're in trouble. Right and never mind separating concerns like putting parameters and returned data in separate forms. If it would not break this feature then maybe you wouldn't see this 10 times a week. Other frameworks work perfectly with multiple forms.Use one form with prepend Id="false" and everything will start to become a lot simpler. Hi David, my response was probably a little unhelpful, although I was genuinely trying to assist.since the data are already loaded in the Datatable (dt). any comment will be much appreciated Thanks rs = new adodb.recordset cn = new adodb.connection cn.open=("Provider = Microosoft. Remember to test for the BOF and EOF contitions before you move throuh the recordset. Then, to modify the content of a record, first locate the record.

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is either a zero-based column index or a unique ID that you can specify.

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