Transvestite dating powered by vbulletin

It ran for many years until eroswebhosting took over the hosting ....

I was a member of the site in the latter few months and suddenly all the areas Kevin had struggled to maintain as free were requiring membership sign in details in relation to a subscription service.

I watched her do an interview yesterday and I swear to god she had a beard going on.

She had a lot of makeup on, but she's either got a hair problem or she's a Trans.

he had tried to contact eroswebdesign to resolve the issue but to no avail .....

He looks femme but at the same time strong arrogant and mean in a way that a woman or a transsexual rarely does:turno n: Whos your favourite out of this lot.

Please only post pics of guys who have made the effort and shaved their body, put on make up and dressed to the nines but still look manly.

No transsexuals, no girly boys, no hairy panty wearers and no really convincing tvs/cds. I have posted a thread in the shemale chat forum for guys who like their t-girls manly to chat about their forbiden desires.

I like Astra, Paige and the X-Mas transvestite most of all. If like me you like real manly transvestites check them out.

Thanks tgirlass, I love Delia as well but for this thread I'm looking for amatuer material.

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But, something that others have noted strikes me as even odder. Maybe its just naturally deep for a woman but you must wonder.

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