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Datecraft’s homepage shows pictures of the latest 15 visitors, and at any given time the collection fulfills every sad cliché about lonely gamers.

13 of the 15 people will be guys, at least one of them will be dressed like a druid and another one will be using a picture of his character.

Finding love is hard, and it’s even harder when you’re only attracted to Asian midgets with Parkinson’s disease and a lisp.

In the old days you would have died alone, but thanks to the Internet we now know that no matter how insane your tastes are there’s a community out there that shares them.

If you like video games so much that you want to fulfill every last stereotype about them, then Datecraft is where you’ll need to look for love.

Clearly, anyone who’s a isn’t fit for normal human interaction—they need their own special dating site, where their unwashed pallor won’t spook the regular people.

Date my Pet’s profiles are so saccharine it’s hard to believe these people know what dating is.

We have to wonder how many dates arranged over this site are just two obese people yelling at each other about how they’re beautiful on the inside.

That seems to imply we all want to date opposite sex versions of ourselves—find Your Fellow Narcissist doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, though. If you’re an Adonis looking for your Aphrodite but can only find she-beasts and wenches, don’t despair.

Based on Face Mate’s example photos, their facial recognition software not only works, it works well: Look at that picture and try to tell us you don’t find it creepy. It looks like one of their faces was cloned and grafted onto the other person’s head. Instead of doing something radical—like lowering your unrealistic standards or trying not to be so shallow—look for a date at Beautiful People, where the only members are those deemed attractive enough to grace the site’s presence.

New applicants submit a picture that’s rated by users of the opposite sex, and if you’re not up to scratch you get rejected.

The site doesn’t explicitly say whether or not your rejection is accompanied by diet tips and quotes from the members about how repulsive you are, but it’s implied.

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