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Before this, the Administrator of Tokelau was the highest official in the government; in November 1974 the administration of Tokelau was transferred from the Maori and Island Affairs Department to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and from then until September 1980, when the Tokelau administration regulations were amended, the New Zealand Secretary of Foreign Affairs was the administrator of Tokelau; and regulations then came into force whereby the Minister of Foreign Affairs was empowered to appoint a suitable person to be the Administrator.

Inhabitants followed Polynesian mythology with the local god Tui Tokelau; and developed forms of music (see Music of Tokelau) and art.No significant land is more than two metres (6.6 feet) above high water of ordinary tides.This means Tokelau is particularly vulnerable to any possible sea level rises. Oldham on HMS Egeria landed at each of the three atolls in June 1889 In conformity with desire expressed by "the Native government" they were annexed by the United Kingdom and included in the Gilbert Islands by the Tokelau Islands (Union Islands) Order in Council, 1916.With this loss, the system of governance became based on the "Taupulega", or "Councils of Elders", where individual families on each atoll were represented. conceded that Tokelau was under New Zealand sovereignty, and a maritime boundary between Tokelau and American Samoa was established by the Treaty of Tokehega.Between 18, the United States claimed that it held sovereignty over the island and the other Tokelauan atolls. Cyclone Percy struck and severely damaged Tokelau in late February and early March 2005.

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They desired to barter, and possessed blue beads and a plane-iron, indicating previous interaction with foreigners.

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