Table of contents not updating

In digital table of contents, one will be offered hyperlinks to the specific sections.

The location and the format will be determined by the publisher.

When doing an automatic TOC, it keeps omitting one of my Heading 2 headings. I deleted the heading, retyped it and re-marked it as a Heading 2. I tried to manualy type in the heading on the TOC but spacing goes crazy and will not allow me to line up the page numbers.

However, this one is costing me time and money as the project is due.

In this section, under the Style name you can click on your preferred option.One could also create a table of contents automatically based on the option that you have chosen.You could alternatively assign the TOC levels to the individual text entries.In order for you to come up with a good table of contents you could have a look at one of the sample table of contents provided on this site, you can download it and have a look at the general format.This could serve as a guide for an appropriate layout for a TOC.

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The TOC does not include matters that precede it in a document or book.

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