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The authors never tell us which pictures Colton looked at. By age four (Colton’s age) she was painting and writing poetry.

(Click on “Read more,” below for a larger image) Stephen Kimble, a reader of the Now THINK!She wrote: I just finished reading “Heaven is for Real.” I am thinking that the Akiane Prince of Peace is very similar to the man in the Turin Shroud.STURP and now the Shroud Science Group with all its scientific books and journals cannot begin to match the power of this story.I find that her painting bears a strong resemblance to the digital reconstruction from the Shroud of Turin as presented in “The Real Face of Jesus”, a History channel production.Yes, I’m sure that such a popular image, if indeed many people think it is similar to the image of a man on the shroud, will have an impact on belief about the shroud.

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You need to understand a little bit about the book.

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