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It can be a really great way to meet a lot of people in a short amount of time.Since Winnipeg is such a diverse area, speed dating would very likely set you up with a lot of different types of people.Again, lots of bars hold singles events where you know you are going to a place where people are looking to meet new individuals.Other singles events include the singles nights at Sandy’s L’Ambiance Dinner and Dance, which offers a more elegant option than traditional pubs.Unlike blind dates, if you're not interested, you're not stuck in an awkward social situation.If you are interested, speed dating provides an alternative to the some times overwhelming experience of starting a conversation out of thin air.There are traditional methods like bars or singles events and there is the vast resource of online dating.Online dating has become increasingly popular, though there are alternatives.

That means that traditional means of meeting and dating someone may not be the most optimal choice. I don’t advertise or pretend to be something that I am not. I am on a serious mission for finding my soul mate here.There are lots of different ways to meet new people in Winnipeg. Winnipeg has a variety of bars and pubs that singles go to.Grab some friends and head to 441 Main for some dancing, or Albert Street Cocktails for some upscale drinks.

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One of the more popular sites for speed dating in Winnipeg is the Rendezvous Club that holds speed dating and dinner dating events regularly.

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