Speed dating events quad cities

Qualifies as a US Experimental - Amateur-Built or Light sport aircraft, 300 reported completed and flown by the fall of 2011.

Two seats in tandem, 31.5 ft (9.6 m) wingspan provides more lift and lower stall speed. Engines 40 hp (30 k W) Rotax 447, 50 hp (37 k W) Rotax 503, 64 hp (48 k W) 582 or 60 hp (45 k W) HKS 700E.

The photographer came and did a great job at capturing the children in different poses. They have also done bonfire pictures and Remembrance Day pictures, along with the Babies. Our Nursery Christmas tree decorations are almost finished and ready to go on to the tree.

The kit builder is required to finish the smaller structural components, cover the aluminum frames with fabric, seal and paint the fabric and do the final assembly.

There is no greater thrill than racing through city streets at speeds approaching 100 MPH, one inch off the ground as thousands of spectators cheer you on.

A family of more than 200 volunteers reunite each year to produce the race weekend for competitors who come from coast to coast as well as many foreign countries.


Dear Parents Wow a lot of activities have been going on this month.

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