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However, if interest rates remain stable or move only moderately higher, REITs could also regain some momentum as higher interest rates have already been priced in by the market.

Ocwen reports it ended the year with 0 million in cash.Mall REITs typically trade alongside the retail sector with shares rising when it is performing well, but that has not happened in this case.In November, The Green Street Commercial Property Price Index — which tracks the pricing of properties owned by REITs — marked the sharpest index decline — to 125.5 — since the financial crisis.Powell said individual Fed members will be making new projections at the March meeting, which would be influenced by the fiscal aggressiveness.“I wouldn’t want to prejudge that new set of projections, but we’ll be taking into account everything that’s happened since December,” he told the House Financial Services Committee.

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REITs have historically performed better when interest rates are low, which is why a potential jump in rates could be viewed as a threat, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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