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Your eligibility for long term care services, provided in any long term care setting, will be determined based on your need for ongoing treatment, personal care, and assistance, as well as the availability of the service in your location. in VA health care means you have applied for VA health care benefits, and receive care through a VA facility on a regular basis.Other factors, such as financial eligibility, your service-connected (VA disability) status, insurance coverage, and/or ability to pay may also apply. Receiving financial compensation for a VA disability does NOT automatically enroll you in VA health care.All enrolled Veterans are eligible for these services.However, to get the service you must have a clinical need for it, and the service must be available in your location.However, having a disability caused by your active military service does NOT automatically start disability compensation payments. It is important to do this because your service-connected disability status has an effect on how much you pay for VA health care services, what programs you are eligible for, and your priority in receiving certain services. A single Veteran, with no dependents, must have an annual income of less than ,465 to be considered low-income in 2013.Additional income is allowed if you have dependents.A tweet sent from the first lady’s Twitter account on Wednesday sparked new rumors about her welfare after she’s been out of the public eye following surgery.' I see the media is working overtime ...' Getting engaged is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of a couple's relationship -- but sometimes, the big moment goes horribly, horribly wrong. A number of geographical variables can change the risk of skin cancer considerably and ' UV exposure risk is higher the greater the elevation.' ' The higher you are in the mountains ...' Southwest Airlines has apologized to a woman for trying to stop her from getting on a plane because they didn't believe that her mixed-race son was really hers.

A “service-connected disability” is a disability that is related to your active military service.

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Please review the Home and Community Based Services and Nursing Home and Residential Settings sections of the Guide for a detailed description of long term care services and settings.

Services in the VA Standard Benefits Package include: .

Nursing Home and Residential Settings have different eligibility requirements for each setting.

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