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Callaghan is kind of like the real life clingy girlfriend meme, except realistic, savage and hilarious, while still being a bit of a desperate clinger to her chosen partners.

And when she says she has a dating story that will top all dating stories, her combination of romantic movie moment and horror film is the dating story that will ruin you, with the audience gasping, jaws dropped and disbelief taking over the room.

Her humour is a little offensive and a little daggy but in the most wonderful way, self deprecating and with the energy of her self admitted sort of ADHD.

Paired with the voice over of Osher, host of the show in Australia and a Power Point of accompanying tweets, images and funny memes to guide you through an exploration of the ridiculous show versus reality.

The regularly featured ‘dating expert’ despite having been single for 6 years, presents a scathing and “true” look at reality TV dating show, The Bachelor, and while being a huge fan of the show, she tries to find the truth in it, and juxtapose the ridiculousness of the show against real life.

Because that’s right, no real girl goes on a date in a helicopter to Bachie’s private beach for the day.

“This was an unbelievable experience,” said Mark Armstrong, Executive Director of The 24 Hour Plays.

Callaghan delights audience members at The Forum Theatre until 10 April, with new sessions of her show added.The marathon process for The 24 Hour Musicals began at 9 p.m. Writers, composers, directors, choreographers, actors, music directors, musicians and production staff — many of whom had never worked with or met each other before — gathered for an orientation where they were asked to share one costume piece, one prop, a special skill, and to reveal something that they have always wanted to do on stage, as well as some singing and dancing.At 11 p.m., the composers and writers got to work crafting 15-20 minute musicals overnight; at 9 a.m.) and Amanda Seales (Insecure) at a crossroads in their relationship.With a little guidance from Wayne Brady (Kinky Boots, Whose Line Is it Anyway?

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Rose Callaghan is back with her second solo show, following a run of sold out shows across the country and winning the Best Comedy Award at Sydney Fringe festival in 2016.

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