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After that fateful night in Bangkok, where my wife cheated on me for the first time with a French model, we returned to our small town in Northern Thailand.Our life returned to normal, although my feelings about that night tormented me.Viki and I were overjoyed as the job meant more money and perks.

She had no idea that I not only knew about her cheating, but had helped set it up and watched the whole thing.

Our company’s CEO was an older German man who was based in Hong Kong. While I had never met him before, we all knew him by reputation.

He was very rich and powerful and known to be a womanizer with a taste for younger Asian women.

We also hoped to save enough to buy our own house in a few years and move out from the small apartment we lived in at the time.

The day I came home with the good news, Viki exploded with happiness.

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Rumors were that the wives of several of his younger employees had been seduced by him.

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