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It’s hard to quantify the likelihood of getting a one night stand in Bangkok, as each person is different.There’s a lot of qualities to take into account, how do you look, how good are you with words, how well can you read a situation.Some Thai go-go girls are really smart and they will do everything in their power to get you to buy drinks while you’re inside the bar, but when you bar fine them and leave they go cold.This is a common ploy used by some girls so please read my article to find out how to avoid these sorts of tricks.Many people come to Thailand each year for the food, weather and girls.

Koh San Road is also okay for meeting Thai girls, while there are lots of backpackers there, there’s just as many Thai girls.

Short-term with a go-go girl will cost around 1,500 upwards for 2 hours. It’s not uncommon to pay 4,000 plus for short-term. Again it’s not uncommon to pay more, I think the hottest girls usually ask for 7,000-10,000b.

You first need to pay the bar fine, then you pay the short-time or long-term fee.

Please note these are just ballpark figures of what you should be paying, prices can vary from the amounts below based on the bar or girl.

A bar fine can cost anywhere from 600-1,000b in a go-go bar.

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