Sex chat room plug ins

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Because sometimes downloading the xml can take more than 10 sec (or on rare cases maybe even more than 30 sec). * There were problems with the flowplayer’s html5 player. So the new version of WP Simple Tube plugin uses flash by default.

So if you were using these options (10 or 30 sec) go to Settings - WP Chaturbate and choose a new option. If it gets a broken xml from chaturbate, it tries to use the previous xml and if that is not possible, then it says “Error getting data from chaturbate. * The thumbnails were not displaying correctly in some browsers. I made a new plugin for Word Press that takes video dumps and displays them in video tube style. With this plugin you can turn your Word Press website into adult video tube.

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Again I made a new version of the Chaturbate plugin. There are many new features and fixes so be sure to upgrade your plugin!

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