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The most famous to date is Perfume, a three-girl “techno” unit.

The group formed in Hiroshima in 2001, when the members were aged 11-12, and moved to Tokyo a couple of years later.

Take, for example, The [email protected], an arcade and console rhythm game released by Namco in 2005.

The player takes the role of Producer, choosing one to three idols and trying to win fans by teaching them song and dance routines.

Date’s first CD single was “Love Communication,” with a music video that showed her walking the streets of Tokyo and New York.

This paved the way for a virtual idol boom in the 2000s, with Fuji TV’s involvement in the Virtual Idol Project, CG unit Super Honey Bee and, of course, Terai.

By now, these figures are deeply embedded in the fabric of otaku media.

1 single on the Oricon charts in July 2008, otaku continued to see them as virtual idols.

At the Otaku Awards 2008, Perfume was voted one of the most important phenomena of the year.

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The combination of realistic movements and a wide cast of cute characters to control made this a mega hit franchise that continues to this day.

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