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Reporter looking for drivers who learned new skills on the road Not rated yet I'm a reporter, not a trucker (though my step-dad was one while I was growing up).

I work for a radio show called This American Life https:// … Not rated yet I have been driving for almost 30 years and it's always something new coming up out here on the roads.

Should Body Mass Index Be Enforced In The Trucking Industry?

Posted by Carl Smith (American Trucker) on 21 January 2010, am There is always a … It's no better time to try and save as much as possible over the road.

Hello everyone, Bye everyone, Got to get back to work! I never could understand why this wasn't being done, it seemed like common sense to me after … As I see it, companies have done a lot to appease the driver, but more can be done. So the other day, I was going about 63 in a 65 for about 3 miles behind a another trucker. Sounds like washington DC has been to reading for tips The latest actions of DC to create the illusion of being responsible more responsible about the next bailout money distribution makes it sound like they …

We are trying to get to myrtle beach south Carolina. Which Should You Buy First a Car, House or Tractor Trailer Not rated yet In my opinion, if your plans are to buy a tractor trailer then you should buy it before buying a car or house. does this eld really have no-monthly fee Not rated yet I saw this on overdrive ( the other day downloaded the app, and it seems to be working pretty …

I have my CDL and all endorsements since February 2017. I thank and appreciate the men and women who deliver our goods"!! I am looking for a 2003 International 9400 with a day cab.

Just bought a lonestar with cummins isx 600 horsepower left home to get a load of sod had 40 oil pressure but during the day oil pressure kept getting …

I only need to use it for a couple of hours...will just be photographing and taking … Hello everyone., I'm from Maryland and I've got my class a Cdl drivers license that I took on Texas this march of 2011, the reason why Ive got this it …

on the road again....the days of the longhaul over? I had to take few years off(wife said it was my turn to stay home with kids). Will trucking companies hire someone who is 53 years old? 2 nd chance truckers listen to the un perfect trucker dont give up apply find out what kinda frieght is being hauled your area. Detroit Driver ticketed arrested for driving on suspended license.

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