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"We're seeing tremendous new flexibility in family formation, and this is part of that trend. have better skin-care regimens and more money to spend on them," she said. "Twenty-five-year-old men have grown up in a time when women can be ageless." This may be particularly true in the Valley, where the word "cougar" is less of a pejorative and just more of a description.

Our great many beliefs about what a family is and how it should be composed are rapidly changing." On the other side of the equation, Fisher says that because they may have kids from a previous marriage and society increasingly accepts childless couples, men are under less pressure to date a woman who looks young enough to have children. "The key is that the women who are successful in attracting a younger man look young and fit and full of life, full of energy," Fisher said. Case in point: Scottsdale Jean Company is hosting an online casting call for the boutique's next spokesmodel, and applicants must be "hot moms" or "cougar types," according to a Twitter post announcing the search.

Last spring, TV Land's dating show "The Cougar" starred Scottsdale's Stacey Anderson; and last year, a Valley couple produced an independent cougar-lifestyle movie, "My American Boy." Next month, the first national cougar convention, to crown Miss Cougar America, will take place in Palo Alto, Calif.

And this fall, ABC's Courteney Cox comedy "Cougar Town" will premiere.

A self-described introvert, Trejo said that mingling at events can be awkward but that older women usually have the social skills to make it less so.

"I think it's important in a relationship to be able to have good conversation," he said.

She met Cohen when she took a class called "Get Your Sexy Back," during which she learned to practice her "sexy walk." "I learned I walk too fast," she said with a laugh. I don't only date younger men; I'm an equal-opportunity dater." She's looking for someone active, outgoing, fun and adventurous, someone who wants to go out for more than dinner.So now, more women can choose a partner for reasons beyond his ability to provide."This leaves a woman capable of choosing from a much wider range of individuals," said Fisher, who also is a consultant on the dating site People feel awkward because the social changes making it easier for older women and younger men to date have happened so recently and quickly, said Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University in New Jersey.In a single generation, the increasing presence of women in the workforce has meant that more women than ever are earning enough to support themselves and are coming into contact with more men.

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