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However, even if you are not officially able to go with him, you could still move to the area.

With longer AITs, there is more freedom allowed during training, especially after the first weeks of training.

his training is 28 weeks long and in his orders its an accompanied tour so I can move down.

But he talked to his Sgt and he said that he will not be able to move in with me.everyone else I talked to said it shouldn’t be a problem.

Depending on how much your living expenses are, it may still work out okay. His unit was called up with a different unit, and he has to reclass.

For example would the Army allow me to move out there 12 weeks into his program, or when he ships out would I have to get moving as well?

Just wondering if anyone knows more about this base. With most longer AIT schools, they get more freedom after they pass a certain part of the training.

While he may not be able to live with you in the beginning, it will likely eventually happen and at the very least he can spend any time off he has (nights, weekends) with you.

I will open this up to others to share their stories as my husband’s AIT was short.

My husband’s AIT is 44 weeks long; he is still in basic training and will graduate in about three weeks.

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