Rules of dating my daughter

If your clothes look like you have been rolling in the mud for hours, don’t show up either.Take a shower, wear a normal pair of pants and a shirt and you will be ok.”her for all the right reasons.I’m not joking.”“When you take my daughter out for a date, I expect that you dress appropriately.Don’t go out of your house looking like a gangsta or a rockstar. I understand that you want to impress her but this is not the right way to do it.What you can’t do is invite her over to your house when your family isn’t home or have a date that’s later than 9 pm.

We have a big dog at home and he is trained.”“Girls take way longer to get ready than guys, it’s a known fact. My daughter might take an extra hour or two to get ready.So, well then, if you want to date her, you better follow these rules yet.STEINBACH, MB Hundreds of Friesens from throughout southeast Manitoba descended on the local EMBC church this past Saturday to attend the wedding of Benjamin Friesen and Anna Friesen (no relation).Be happy that you have a chance with her and never take it for granted. If you are planning on “If you come to pick her up, don’t honk your horn on the driveway or ring the doorbell hundreds of times.Just wait peacefully, or come in and wait in the hallway if she has invited you.

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