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"With Tales of the Jedi, the potential is as vast as the galaxy itself.We haven't scratched the surface of what Tot J could be.It's so far back in the past, that there is no reason to fear that any story we tell could interfere with core continuity." Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, abbreviated as Tot J, is a comic book series covering eight story arcs, all published by Dark Horse Comics.Set during the Old Republic era, six of the eight Tales of the Jedi story arcs take place during the time surrounding the events known collectively as the Great Sith War, a conflict instigated by Sith forces aimed at galactic domination.

However, the spirit of Marka Ragnos appears and advises the Sith Lords that a new threat is upon them, and that they must be prepared.In the course of their adventures, however, Gav and Jori find themselves on the run from Ssk Kahorr, a merchant lord who loses a fortune using one of the Daragon's newly mapped routes.Due to this, the duo are themselves destitute and without a ship.The majority of the other Sith Lords are indecisive about what to do, and squabbling begins to break out among various factions.During the chaos and confusion of the meeting, Sadow takes the opportunity available and claims the vacant title of Dark Lord of the Sith.

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