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Additionally, when bookmarking a page, browsers use the page's title as the suggested name for the bookmark.Also, many search engines show the page's title when displaying search results. Because it can be easy to forget to set the page's title to an appropriate value, there are many pages on the Internet with the title "Untitled Page".If the page being requested does not have an explicitly set page title and is not found in the site map, then we'll fall back to using the requested page's filename (less the extension), as we did in Step 2. Figure 11: In the Absence of an Explicitly Set Page Title, the Corresponding Site Map Node's Title is Used Update the Scott Mitchell, author of multiple ASP/ASP.NET books and founder of 4Guys From, has been working with Microsoft Web technologies since 1998.Ideally, the page's title would be set automatically for us in the event that we don't explicitly specify its value. Oftentimes, every page in a web application requires additional features or functionality.For example, if at runtime the page's title is "Untitled Page", we might want to have the title automatically updated to be the same as the ASP. The good news is that with a little bit of upfront work it is possible to have the title automatically assigned. A common way of providing this is to create a custom base page class.

Even Microsoft is susceptible to publishing web pages with the title "Untitled Page".Some of this information may be pertinent to all pages in the website. It is important to set each page's title to an appropriate value.For example, you might want to globally import the same CSS rules and Java Script files for every ASP. When visiting a page, its title is displayed in the browser's Title bar.Specifically, let's add a List View control to the left column in the Lessons section that renders an unordered list with a list item for each node defined in the site map. Set the List View's ID property to List View Control (Click to view full-size image) After creating the Site Map Data Source control, we need to define the List View's templates so that it renders an unordered list with a list item for each node returned by the Site Map Data Source control.This can be accomplished using the following template markup: By configuring the Site Map Data Source to omit the starting node and explicitly adding a Home bullet item, the Lessons section now displays the intended output.

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