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The so-called vlogger - who has more than 100,000 Instagram followers - was slapped with a three year restraining order, handed an electronically tagged curfew and ordered to pay £625 in costs.

Prosecutor Demi Ugurtay said Lewis joined Pinnock and her friend Grace Davies at their table, where he told her: 'You would be intimidated if my girlfriend was here.'When the women answered they would not, Lewis told Miss Davies to 'shut up' before walking over to Miss Pinnock and slapping her in the face, the Daily Star reports.

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Terroll Lewis, 27, admitted attacking the chart-topping singer at the upmarket VQ restaurant in London after harassing her and a friend, Highbury Magistrates Court heard.

In December, Pinnock shared a shocking photo of her bruised face on Snapchat alongside the caption, 'my face hurts', but it is unclear whether that was as a result of Lewis' actions.

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Lewis, of West Norwood in south London, is then reported to have left the restaurant.

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