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This Role Action will never be useful outside of leveling.Red Mage has no Do Ts, no debuffs to put on the boss, and their only buff doesn’t even affect their o GCDs and is most of the time prioritized to be used for the raid.If you wish to further discuss Red Mage with me, please post in the reddit thread or come to the Red Mage Channels in The Balance Discord: The bare minimum to playing Red Mage is simply building your Mana to 80|80 and then unleashing your melee combo with a powerful finisher. Action upgraded to Enchanted Zwerchhau if both Black Mana and White Mana are at 25 or more. Also due to our lack of on-demand instant cast spells (like Summoners Ruin II), Swiftcast can be used to maintain uptime when you need to move for mechanics.At its base, it is extremely simple and probably has the very lowest skill floor of any DPS job, making it a very attractive pick for new players. Without this, Red Mage cannot regenerate any MP, making this a must have if you don’t want to run dry a few minutes into the fight. Typically, in a raid setting you will have a Bard or Machinist in your party.Sprint, item usage (potions), and mount summons WILL cancel Dualcast. During progression use this on your healers to help recover from mistakes.A Swiftcasted spell will NOT grant the effect of Dualcast, nor will it consume a Dualcast. Additional Effect: Increases both Black Mana and White Mana by 3. This Role Action should be considered Mandatory for progression.

Due to the lower potency and higher recast, there is absolutely no situation in which you would want to do your melee combo un-Enchanted. This is a DPS loss when using on 2 targets, even after taking Enhanced Scatter into consideration.

More on this is covered in the Manafication Usage section of this guide.2%(4s).

This spell has a horrible cooldown timing and should actually NOT be used on cooldown.

The following is a list of rules and priorities that every Red Mage should follow. Additional Effect: Increases both Black Mana and White Mana by 4. Usually this one is the first to go when trying to fit in other useful Role Actions.

The reasoning for each rule is explained throughout the guide, but for those that just want to know the hows and whats without the whys, here is what to do: Grants the effect of Dualcast upon casting any spell with a cast time. Can only be executed while under the effect of Impactful. The value of this Role Action increases in PUG situations.

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