Preterist dating the book of revelation

As I scanned the available works on the book of Revelation written by our brethren it became apparent to me that Wallace’s view was, and is, held in very small esteem. Wallace, Jr., and the high regard in which brethren placed him as one of the “prince of preachers” in his time.

Reasoned defenders of the early date of Revelation recognize King’s view as inconsequential (See, Kenneth L.It means that John was warning the early Christians of events that would soon befall them, but now lie in our distant past.Its rationale and defense can be seen along several lines.Chilton is a 2/3 preterist: imposing as an interpretive grid the preterist interpretation on every N. passage that can conceivably take it; doing so for all such prophecies except the 2nd coming and a few other last straws.Before Chilton died in the 80’s those last straws gave way and he professed Hyper-Preterism. This is an exposition of Chilton’s Reconstructionist, partial-preterist, postmillennial eschatology, through his hermeneutic of Interpretive Maximalism (which hermeneutic is seriously off track).

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