Pef and not mandating nursing overtimes

It has been an issue for many years and will most likely continue to be a challenge for nurses in the future.We chose this topic for discussion because overtime in nursing has and most likely will always be an issue that we as nurses will need to contend with physically and mentally.According to the nurses who are suing Twin Cities, this situation arose because the hospital was understaffed, and no one was making the effort to hire additional nurses.The result: Nurses on staff worked entire shifts without breaks, and they also worked multiple hours of overtime.During an ongoing procedure, professional ethics also prevent nurses from leaving their regularly scheduled hours of work.

Two recent cases demonstrate why hospitals need to be careful when scheduling nurses for overtime and making sure they’re paid properly for their work.

And it offered no evidence that this practice hurt patients in any way – or even that it hurt the facility’s bottom line at all.

Plus, the court said, if the hospital truly felt it needed extra staff while working out the dispute with its nurses, it could’ve hired temporary or per diem nurses in the interim.

The facility tried to argue that if its nurses refused to work overtime, it would cause irreparable harm to the hospital.

Not only would patients experience subpar care if the nurses didn’t work extra hours after the layoffs, the hospital would also have to divert patients it couldn’t handle to other hospitals, jeopardizing their health. According to the court, the hospital had diverted patients to hospitals for other reasons in the past, including similar issues with staffing.

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