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make 20 or more purchases in a monthly billing period, and earn 2 goalkeeper tim howard tells hey, look at them go. our exclusive interview with amy during the day, we generate as much electricito ht wlo unatural gas. earned a lot of believers in the thank you so much. hoda, what movie title would entrances to those clinics. this is how we're going to do you need ♪ front of a court building but treat diseases in the future. 63% say she should have run, it the top 48 to earn a chance for show you. your video audition, head to just ran in her third trimester. disappeared only to be difference monday, high of 88 discovered in his own basement. should it be about you as a congressional press conference. they are defying the odds and congeniality and you work so have to do tomorrow. media, the things we get on tv of usband tom rouenho was you said you think it's great karaoke song. accident and her pents becky but you still have a lot of and it's a true testament to how goals set for yourself. this rabbit hole and it's going it's fundamentally against the to be awful. the supreme court allows treat even the deadliest ♪ tell me what do you need what protests on the sidewalk in diseases. which one gets fast tracked to but we have incredible fruits to there she is. 37% thought maybe not such a the million-dollar prize on st you just "america's got talent." to find out how you can submit good idea. details this morning about that ane' o wun and it's very strong zbp wasn't 12-year-old boy from detroit who and you really feel the that the dad in the lion king? move through weday rehu a conversation with amy van i love your mom, because she how about that? a live performance from phillip we should say welcome to you. you're back from your world what's "trending" today. i'll tell you how determined she let's start friday with a crown nobody makes plans ahead of is. after we left her yesterday, she women miss dating. down to earth style, and a voice dating has been around for 100 and her husband left the miss delaware has been stripped of her title and her hospital for the first time, that sff his range and scholarships. qualities he's sure to bring and men get to know each other. well, the 24-year-old says here to the plaza this morning. ot m thank you so mh for havg righ backo work here in sao tanly jus e sup i g. is that something you guys find out on the field in realtime? did you know what the results were meaning for you? i met her at craig hospital i but watching the game yesterday, it seemed to me everything was enewrad, spends most of her days falling on you. ♪ i'll love you long after developments in iraq this morning. still highly experimental and it gone gone ♪ that is the hometown of saddam ♪ you're my backbone my corner is embroiled in risk and hussein. some peoe say he's a cowboy stone ♪ ♪ you're my crutch when my legs richard engel is in baghdad with the latest. bacown a fri or married women are dating less s getng ready. years established to let women you're going to love that story asking? miss america's rules say the team usa may have come up short contestants have to be the in a way with you sitting down in that match, but they're still between the ages of 17 and 24 with a live human across the advancing to the next round. so we're going to follow this practice to watch their idols. ♪ come out come out come out o test i know it's hard and it's possible future stars dreaming obviously something that makes ♪this. you know, tim, i will never who was paralyzed earlier this be mistaken for a soccer expert, month. love you long after you're you see a patient and he will ♪ for you for you morning. as a human and as a doctor are you're following the we allowed to say no? reporter: but his work is you're gone ♪ ♪ and long after you're gone an airborne assault this morning in tikrit. nancy if you were watching about common greeting in brazil people worry is it safe at eight great trivia question about especially in rio when you first months pregnant. there's no reason to avoid "a" psychological, "b" industrial systems technology or "c" music history and theory. "cabaret" at the studio 64 here are some of the heart felt theater. mom to my kids, motivator, recognize isaiah austin one jillian. lookingt wehenight, rr, o int latest news and weather and pick up the phone and call a updates on the traffic issues on call lost friend and gm nbc10 sps, yo severe weather today from the dakotas down into northern texas i'm tracy davidson. tell you i've not had a real nearly 25 seconds behind her closest competitor. we've been hustling since i got but that didn't seem to matter at all to the 28-year-old former here. right now at a.m., it consulted her doctor and midwife who encouraged her to race 34 is official, another atlantic they play belgium on tuesday. told us militants are already in it's a long shot, but he's willing to take stopsan longerftou'r baghdad and that his men des ses pioneers because it's very arrested two sleeper cells. is that a way to get the company not only here in baghdad but to redecorate your home? meredith's episode without hearing about bef was allegedlyruptiv te tractor trailer your best friend. at rou 41 exit 5, that has he was escorted out of that theater in handcuffs and taken been removed from the roadway my best friend is patty and the two left lanes on 95 ika to the police station for at . and a touching moment in update you on breaking news. thursday night's nba ogisilhells lng.oudslot e d jillian mele is following the my best friend is the backup when league commissioner a the northeast extension. if that doesn't make you want to update in 25 minutes and and that means we're going to be call your best friend nothing remember you can always get the will. runner got the okay from her this guy really knows how to doctors and ran a qualifying perform and really takes care of heat. not only is she in brazil to the stands as she finally watch and see the u.s. reporter: to finish dead last you say boondoggle, but i will in the eight-woman heat.

reporter: back home american fans were glued to the time will take ♪ broadcast. i want this chance to still go ♪ all the memories made will the presence of the phone to miss america. in chicago an estimated 20,000 i am speaking with an people crowded into grant park attorney right now and we are i'm still here with you ♪ on a jacket. i think as women we have always fans were in a frenzy in hermosa discussing options for me. she's never given in despite he is 103 years old today. ♪ so come out ceutome terrible conditions making it application. this is the first year we more challenging for the won't you turn my soul into a haven't worked together. germany scored in the 54th reporter: the final, 1-0. tch as some of our colleagued feel ♪ ♪ don't let go it's what makes we've got to get somebody you real ♪ think the conversation should ♪ if the flame goes out be? peers vote you for miss ♪ come out come out come out it shouldn't be about what you them. there is such a huge swell of that i stink at out of the pool. us players have seen everything you how do you feel about the through our families, social way your career is going so far. what happened is over and done forget thequestion line of free speech by painting dry ♪ "what if" didn't happ. i don't have that in my makeup ♪ when enemies are at your door take an open public sidewalk and say we're going to put people in to sit there and dwell on it. prison if they have ♪ if you need help conversations here. president's power to make loheoktt ♪ come on ♪ and i will do it for you regenerative medicine which would revolutionize the way we a thing will prevent me public sidewalk. some fruits we don't have here, perform on "today." what'd you think of her running then you america decides that race? sunshine, nice and comfortable coming up we've got new with low humidity for saturday and again on sunday. plus she is one of the most with a chance of showers for tuesday and storms likely to positive people i have ever met. when we saw pictures of her when is 100 years old today and he she was younger when natalie was a girl, they look exactly alike. accident in arizona specifically june 6th this happened. it left her paralyzed from the she likes to read, laugh, and shop. they just left dinner when the all at the same time. how d you find out -- oh, here that is not a date night but a the atmosphere electric. the weather conditions i am so, like, really upset. away ♪ we marched with the dedicated because i justut on tuday that ♪ so pull me close and surnd he which is not necessarily american fans. we talk about what we need to and over an age clause that pours or a daunting opponent clearly the board of my state do to keep the ball rolling in kill their spirit. ♪ before the flame wll live we the house and errands and what and so i'm left here wondey i w we need to do. tensions ran high from the we worked together for 12 opening seconds of the match. there was no separation between they've got a lot of grit and a lot of fight in this game. raging fire ♪ we would go on a date and talk ♪ come out ce out come out about that. us down ♪ all the time and you the same it makes no sense that she did ♪ hold on to what makes you for him. putting on something different signals we are on a date. let's let's work on the stuff i did it here in new york city. amy's friends and family have rarely left her side. somebody on that chat said to what, hoda, is your go-to response. the court says they violated the because there's no time ♪ when life leaves you high and that. decision, the court also said let's talk about meredith's that you would do the same for the senate can block a special airing tonight takes a me ♪ somewhere. the majority of people online it's 80 degrees here in sao we had on our facebook page three acts will be chosen to paulo. she was a in a near-fatal atv rebecca payne bonner and she is from daphne, alabama. just some odd stuff going on now watch what soap does to it. ♪ the other story that's caught breaking news, we're following we're back at with the star our attention, this one is all lanes of i-95 southbound of the new movie "begin again. she is eight months pregnant and in this movie, keira st trying torighe actually makes her singing with her first child. a lot of people commented on this traffic you see moving, it's so good that i hate you a that's traffic coming off of 295 little bit.

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light." relationship so they are on a then thursday for gm mary barra the lead single "raging fire" is welcome. ♪ let thesehin mornin they keep on going and toughing by the way, we reached out to it out here. taste the flavors of the season meredith's old home "the view." thanks in part to one of the at olive garden. so it's just -- it just mak you concentrate more, you know, when the elements are against you. sunni insurgents are tightening bravely moving medicine forward. pretty soon the olympics will be this morning to hear from around the corner and i wanted shortlte phillip phillips. and the waiting is just about to expose you to a little sorry, but it's true. he will take over our toyota brazilian flavor ahead of your summer concert stage in just a travels here to brazil.

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