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That said, going back to the episode where she talked about her school reunion, it was suggested that many people held a stigma against the fact she had to singlehandedly raise her siblings.

It’s about time that someone gave the oldest Kawamoto sibling some love, and owing to the beautiful figure she strikes, I’m honestly surprised it never happened earlier on.

With no major arc in sight, things have been slowly winding down, meaning that we’ve been able to quietly enjoy some Kawamoto comfiness, free of drama. Such a prospect fills me with great sadness, because is adapted from a favourite manga of mine, and the anime has proven to be a genuinely heartfelt ride.

Shogi served as a conduit, through which the feelings of characters were channelled, granting us deeper insight towards their personalities.

I’m really happy that Hina is laughing again, after everything she’s gone through.

That laugh needs protection, and it’s a good thing how Rei is deciding to step up, in terms of safeguarding her happiness.

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These feel like real people, with real issues, who were struggling to get by in a difficult world.

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