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On mono this is ; whatever the underlying operating system has as default; for ; example, ubuntu 8.04 or SLES11 have about 111k, which is about ; 27 4k-sized UDP datagrams (on linux platforms you can [as root] ; do "sysctl rmem_default" to find out what your system ; uses a default socket receive buffer size.; ; client_socket_rcvbuf_size allows you to specify the receive ; buffer size LLUDPServer should use.The following control that behaviour to ; prevent frequently changing objects from heavily loading the region data store.; If both of these values are set to zero then persistence of all changed objects will happen on every sweep.I also cannot see any surrounding regions on my mini-map.*info*Server running at home Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit Open Sim 6.8Connected to Osgrid Opensim.ini:[Startup] ; Set this to true if you want to log crashes to disk ; this can be useful when submitting bug reports.save_crashes = false ; Directory to save crashes to if above is enabled ; (default is /opensimdir/crashes/*or C:\opensim\crashes\*.txt) crash_dir = "crashes" ; Place to create a PID file ; PIDFile = "/tmp/" ; Http proxy support for ll HTTPRequest and dynamic texture loading ; Set Http Proxy to the URL for your proxy server if you would like ; to proxy ll HTTPRequests through a firewall ; Http Proxy = " ; Set Http Proxy Exceptions to a list of regular expressions for ; URLs that you don't want going through the proxy such as servers ; inside your firewall, separate patterns with a ';' ; Http Proxy Exceptions = ";localhost" ; Set this to true if you are connecting your regions to a grid ; Set this to false if you are running in standalone mode gridmode = true ; Set this to true if you want Hypergrid functionality hypergrid = false startup_console_commands_file = "startup_commands.txt" shutdown_console_commands_file = "shutdown_commands.txt" ; To run a script every few minutes, set the script filename here ; timer_Script = "filename" ; ## ; ## SYSTEM ; ## ; Sets the method that Open Sim will use to fire asynchronous ; events.

; Persistence of changed objects happens during regular sweeps., This will likely break them Combine Contiguous Regions = false ; If you have only one region in an instance, or to avoid the many bugs ; that you can trigger in modules by restarting a region, set this to ; true to make the entire instance exit instead of restarting the region.; This is meant to be used on systems where some external system like ; Monit will restart any instance that exits, thereby making the shutdown ; into a restart. My SQL.dll" ; storage_connection_string="Data Source=localhost; Database=opensim; User ID=opensim; Password=*****;"; ; If you want to use a different database/server for estate data, then ; uncomment and change this connect string.; ; Objects will be considered for persistance in the next sweep when they have not changed for this number of seconds Minimum Time Before Persistence Considered = 60 ; Objects will always be considered for persistance in the next sweep if the first change occurred this number of seconds ago Maximum Time Before Persistence Considered = 600 ; Should avatars in neighbor sims see objects in this sim?see_into_this_sim_from_neighbor = true ; ## ; ## PHYSICS ; ## ; if you would like to allow prims to be physical and move by physics with the physical checkbox in the client set this to true. ; ; Meshmerizer properly handles complex prims by using triangle meshes.

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