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But if a major volcanic eruption has recently injected particles into the stratosphere, the moon will likely appear very dark.

On the Indonesian island of Bali in November, a volcano called Mount Agung spewed ash 5.5 miles (8.8 kilometers) into the sky.

If an astronaut were standing on the moon's surface during totality, the sun would be hidden behind a dark Earth.

The planet would appear roughly four times larger than the sun and would be rimmed by a brilliant, reddish ring of all the world's sunrises and sunsets.

The moon's passage through the Earth's shadow is presented for six time zones: one for Hawaii (HST), one for Alaska (AKST), and four across the U.

S and Canada: Pacific (PST), Mountain (MST), Central (CST) and Eastern (EST).

Even with the unaided eye, a lunar eclipse is pleasing to watch, but binoculars will certainly improve the view, though a small telescope is recommended. The beginning of a lunar eclipse happens simultaneously for every viewer, and the end will happen simultaneously for everyone, too. Hence, the simple schedule below holds for all places (the times differ only because of time zones).

This could help make the upcoming eclipse a relatively dark one.

A major eruption of this same volcano in 1963 caused the moon to almost completely vanish in an eclipse that December.

Dashes indicate that the moon has set and is no longer visible. For the rest of North America, the eclipse will still be in progress when the moon sets.

Alaska and Hawaii are in the best position for viewing this event; the eclipse will happen during the predawn hours of Jan. From Northern California, the northwest corner of Nevada, all of Oregon and Washington, the Idaho panhandle, as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and most of Alberta, the moon will set after it completely exits the Earth's dark umbral shadow ( a.m. Unfortunately, for those living in the Canadian Maritime provinces (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador), the first sign of the eclipse — the appearance of the moon's much fainter penumbral shadow — will just start becoming evident by the time the moon sets.

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As a consolation, however, there will be less than a year to wait for another North American total lunar eclipse that will be fully visible from start to finish for these locations.

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