Native american women dating white men

They had no science to explain nature, and they believed the sun, rain, and other forces were controlled by spirits.In religion they worshiped animals, plants, the sun, rain, and wind.The Native Americans were also the first to raise turkeys.They found uses for such Native American plants as rubber, tobacco, the sugar maple, and the cinchona tree (for quinine).Native Americans belong to the American Indian geographic race.

In each area nature provided special plants, animals, and raw materials.

They had little rain, but it came mostly in summer when it could help plants grow.

Snow fell on the mountains in winter and supplied water for streams, springs, and water holes.

Their hunters, warriors, and traders used paths now followed by roads and railroads.

Indian words dot the map of the Native American farmers were the first in the world to domesticate potatoes, tomatoes, and many other food plants that help feed the peoples of the world today.

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They were handicapped by the lack of sharp metal tools. The most important of these was the buffalo, or bison.

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