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Someone new came into O chat the other day (English was not their native language btw).

After chatting a bit, this guy asked a girl if he could view her. We have forums, a photo gallery, a webcam-enabled chat room and more... ) and will give you access to member profiles, private member photos, private messenging, our chat room... Orgasmanic consists of a forum, member pic gallery, shoutbox and audio/video chat room, among other things I cover each of these in more detail below.

My story started basically three days earlier just as my sister's 16th birthday party was ending, which was when I came in from being out with my friends.

CHAT ROOM: Our chat room is a full-featured chat where you can interact with other members, discussing masturbation, orgasms or whatever.Hi, my name is Michael and this is a story of how my life changed on my sister's 16th birthday.Let me give you a little info, so you will understand where I've been and where I'm going.If there's anything you want to share, let us know in a forum post!SHOUTBOX: The shoutbox is at the top of almost every page here at Orgasmanic.

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