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"We know how good we can play and I don't think we came up to that level at all last night...

She spent her formative years living on her family's farm in Little Lever, near Bolton, before pursuing a broadcasting career in the bright lights of London.

She revealed: 'I’ve had quite a big success with a couple called Ross and Amy. Ross followed me on Twitter and he really made me laugh.

Then this girl called Amy who followed me started to notice I was chatting with Ross.'She started to follow Ross and they started talking independently and they’ve just had their second baby!

But the blog and IMDb aren't sufficient evidence (in fact, it looks to me as if somebody added the info based on the blog entry), and in general, as noted in the discussion below, unless personal details are confirmed as factual, with no room for speculation, rumor, or uncertainty, it's better not to include them.

Page 287 says, "Sara has a daughter with her husband, Brian Henson, (co-CEO of Jim Henson Productions, founded by his dad)...." -- User: Gwyncat , August 6, 2011 This claim was added to Wikipidia's article on November 30th: "She is currently dating Brian Henson (son of the late Jim Henson crator of The Muppets), they have one daughter together, Amelia Jane Henson". -- I shouldn't be spending time here, but I'm stumped on a final paper anyway.

I don't want to invade their privacy and repost any of the pictures here, but there are some nice ones of Brian and Mia at the ceremony and reception.

The couple is also tagged as "The Hensons" in photos from Stuffed and Unstrung director Patrick Bristow's wedding to longtime partner Andy Nicastro a week later (on April 12th in Old Greenwich, CT).

Here it's just saying the facts, it's a different vibe.

If we're going to do it, though, we should make sure that it's accurate.

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